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Quartz Countertops - Easy Care Kitchen & Bath Tops

Discount Granite & Home Supply makes installing Quartz countertops in your Columbus, Ohio home an affordable reality!

Whether you are renovating your bath or kitchen, or simply looking for a unique quartz accent piece. Discount Granite & Home Supply can provide you with an exquisite, yet affordable quartz top to enhance your home.  We also offer a large selection of Marble, and Granite countertops for your special project.  

Quartz is one of the hardest countertop surfaces available making it an ideal material for your kitchen and bathroom countertop applications. Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens and baths. Quartz countertops have natural anti-microbial protectors that inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, as well as mold and mildew. 

Quartz countertops are virtually maintenance free and will never need sealing or polishing with normal use. Its non porous, scratch resistant surface paired with its exquisite look and easy care makes quartz countertops the perfect choice for any lifestyle!

Discount Granite & Home Supply is a quality material provider of marble slabs, granite slabs, and quartz slabs in Columbus, Ohio 43228. We can also arrange the installation of your purchased material by a reputable quartz countertop installation crew if needed! Our pre-fabricated quartz slabs can be cut to fit your specifications for that custom look at bargain pricing. Pre-cut Quartz backsplash, quartz countertops, quartz islands, and quartz bathroom vanities come in standard home application sizes of the following below:

  • Quartz Backsplash - 4" x 112" x 1-1/4" - Bevel edge on 1 long & 2 short sides
  • Quartz Threshold - 6" x 112" x 1-1/4"  - Bevel edge on 2 long & 2 short sides
  • Quartz Countertop - 26" x 112" x 1-1/4" - Bevel edge on 1 long & 2 short sides
  • Quartz Island Size - 36" x 98-112" x 1-1/4"  - Bevel edge on 2 long & 2 short sides
  • Quartz Big Island Size - 48" x 98-112" x 1-1/4"  - Bevel edge on 2 long & 2 short sides
  • Quartz Vanity Sizes - 22" x 37", 22" x 43", 22" x 49", 22" x  61", & 22" x  75" x 1-1/4"
  • Quartz Vanity Packages Include white oval or rectangle under mount sink, with back and side splash  - Bevel edge profile on 1 long & 2 short sides

Please find our in stock quartz color selections below,. Please feel free to contact Discount Granite & Home Supply with any inquiries.

Availability is subject to change. All sales are final.

Bianco Kapok

Bianco Kapok Quartz

Chrome White

Chrome White Quartz
Galaxy Grey
Galaxy Grey Quartz

Jet Black

Jet Black Quartz

Nice Grey

Nice Grey Quartz

Royal Taupe

Royal Taupe Quartz

Slate Grey

Slate Grey Quartz

White Storm

White Storm Quartz
Buckeye Red
Buckeye Red Quartz

Dove White

Dove White Quartz

Glacier Grey

Glacier Grey Quartz
Midnight Wave
Midnight Wave Quartz


Onyx Quartz Counters

Sable Blanc

Sable Blanc Quartz
Tuscany Gold
Urban Grey Quartz


Calacatta Quartz
Espresso Quartz

Glacier White

Glacier White Quartz
New Calacatta
New Calcutta Quartz

Pure White

Pure White Quartz

Sand Waves

Sand Waves Quartz
Urban Grey
Urban Grey Quartz