An Introduction to Shadow Storm Marble

Shadow Storm Marble is a white marble with dark grey and light grey veins.

Picking out what kind of Marble Slab you want to choose for your project can be a fickle thing. It is important to understand the differences between Granite Slabs. Some granite is better for the kitchen whereas other kinds may be better for your bathroom. Here at Discount Granite and Home Supply, we have several granite options to choose from. We are happy to present to you our Shadow Storm Marble Slab from our Tier 3 Granite Slab Price group.

What are Advantages of Shadow Storm Marble?

  • Bright white natural stone for a clean look
  • Timeless appeal. Marble has always been a choice of luxury throughout history.
  • Beautiful natural mineral pattern unique in each slab

Where does Shadow Storm Marble Slab Come From?

Discount Granite and Home Supply Granite Slabs are Sourced from some of the most Prestigious Companies in the World. Shadow Storm Marble comes from the North Eastern hemisphere sourced from India. Our Associates worked hard to find the best quality material and we are proud to have been supplying Columbus, Ohio with Granite Slabs from all around the World since 2008.

What is the Best Use for Shadow Storm Marble?

Kitchen Countertops

Bathroom Vanities


Grill Tops

Outdoor Patio Kitchens

Bathroom Shower Benches

Shadow Storm Marble can be used for indoor and outdoor installations. Marble is perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, patio and grill area and any surface you want marble. Marble is a softer natural stone and can be scratched if enough downward force is applied. Marble has a low heat resistance and potholders are recommended. Marble is porous which means it absorbs moisture so it should be sealed every year to help prevent any potential oil or grease stains. 

Interested in using Shadow Storm Marble Slab for Your next Project?

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